Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mac Miller is a corporate tool and sellout.

Okay, so Mac Miller is apparently the next Justin Bieber of rap music. His music is tame and doesn't include any bad language--it's made for kids. Obviously childish titles such as 'Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza', 'Senior Skip Day', 'Swing Set' and 'K.I.D.S' are made to target kiddies. Good shit, great role model, likes to smoke weed and skip school and be black. Even though he doesn't look like a kid or act like a kid, he's a damn fine corporate tool.

Just watch the video and think about what's happening.

Think about the lyrics. Think about the bullshit he's rapping. Think about what you're watching him do in the video and what he's showing you.

The entire video is made to market products to you and make Mac Miller look like an average joe weed smoker (Even though you don't watch him smoke a single thing in the entire video). I can screenshot 6 different products that Mac Miller endorses to you in his video, while initially claiming he doesn't "have enough money to purchase Patron for you and all your friends".

Fucker isn't even 21 if he's claiming to be in High School and skipping class. But he is 18, apparently, as you can see his arm full of tattoos.

And the best part of the video is the end. When Mac Miller threatens to use his little bitch legs to kick the automatic door when exiting the store. You're a huge faggot, Mac Miller. Get the fuck out.

Can you people not see how companies are using Mac Miller to sell their shit to you? The songs that they're producing for him? THE LYRICS. Over half of the video is spent watching him buy shit at the store. He isn't even in High School--he's too old. THEY'RE TARGETING KIDS. Not only are they targeting kids, but they're using the idea of weed, alcohol, skipping school, and being a wigger to sell their products.


And to prove that Mac Miller is a faggot sellout that does it for the money, this is an unendorsed video of when he was known as 'Easy Mac' and didn't have a record company telling him what to say/do or film everything in 1080p HD.